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The following page gives an insight into how we can use 'chunking' to answer division calculations. Watch the videos for tutorials presented by our children on this aspect of division.


When children are first introduced to division as sharing, they are taught to share an amount by taking one object at a time and sharing it. Chunking involves breaking the dividend (the number we are dividing) up into chunks which we take away. As we get more experienced with the number system, we learn that it is more efficient to count in groups, rather than individual items. If we had to share 400 sweets into 4 bags, we would count out 4 groups of 100 rather than 100 groups of 4.


In the example to the left, Tobi in Year 3 has been introduced to chunking. Instead of repeatedly taking away 3 from 72, he has found a more efficient way to do it. He knows that 10 x 3 = 30, so he has taken these away first. He has continued to take away chunks until he has nothing left to divide. At the very end, he has added up the 'chunks' which he took away 10+ 10 + 2 + 2 to give him his final answer.






In the video to the right, Callum in Year 6 shows how to carry out a division problem using the chunking method. Callum begins by writing out his calculation: 4329 ÷ 36. He uses his knowledge of the number system to identify that numbers such as 3600 and 360 are multiples of 36. He keeps taking away these 'chunks' until he can go no further.



Mawutor, also in Year 3, has used the same method of chunking to answer 97 ÷ 3. She has taken away chunks of 30 away and a chunk of 6 away. This has left her with 1 number remaining which she has recorded as a remainder.








In the video to the left, Zak demonstrates how he used the chunking method to solve 754 ÷ 16. 

In Year 4, children have become increasingly competent in using the chunking method. Have a look at some of the children showing us how to do it in the videos below!